To Purchase Domains or Franchise a Domain Name it must be available. consulting must approve the sale or lease for full unrestricted use.
Any Domain belonging to Services MD is Leased at $12 per month, it will not be sold or Franchised.


 Franchise a Name with a Domain Name you already have and launch it is normally not the right choice unless that is your budget and you want to move slowly. As always what follows will be restricted by budget dollars and set the speed of exposure that you attain. To Franchise the wrong Name is the road to the dead end is one thing for sure. Use a few and as many more then one Domain Name that your budget allows. Domain Names for the test that come in after number one will still bring your site the traffic if you use them as pointers. Testing the response by hits to determine that right one to be your Franchise name is primary and holding and using other key Domains are the locks. Buying a number of Names outright or leasing them with an option to purchase later are the best step as your franchisees may like others more then the BEST one for the job. Take and use the others as their pointers. Remember buy names that are short, easily remembered & spelled and which have the FIRST WORD of what you are basically about initially up front in the names. Let the Domain name choices free into the World thru the Web. Get the reports and decide which to build a Franchise Website from. The one with the most draw may be a pointer or your DBA Franchise Name. Others with the different exposures are key as place holders to restrict others from your space or again just as pointers of different attributes of the Franchise.. So keep as many of the blockers, best draws as pointers and even pick one based on an existing company name. If there's not an exact-match domain name available for your company think of a DBA. Or if you want to use those as Web Bronzers add them as new DBA names to your collection. If you act fast as get creative purchase or lease the URL to fit the business name of your dreams it still might be available. Entrepreneurs now and forever will have it much harder to match the endeavor with the name.. With more than 219 million domain names already registered, and many more millions soon you'd be really lucky if your dot-com URL or for your social media handles that will matches your new business name are readily available.  Domain Name. Consulting by can assist in this process of buying, leasing and understandings the decisions. Step one should be   

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